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Since our founding in 1978 our charity has always depended on volunteers to help run our services and in fact many of our colleagues started working with us as volunteers and having gained valuable experience, were able to successfully apply for paid positions.

We highly value our place in Croydon’s Voluntary Sector and actively participate with the main local umbrella organisations; Croydon Voluntary Action, Asian Resource Centre, Croydon Neighbourhood Care Association and the BME Forum

People volunteer for all sorts of reasons and we now understand one of the impacts on post-Covid communities has been the rise of loneliness and disconnection – so if you are interested to help us make an even bigger difference in our community, use your existing skills or learn new ones and make new friends then reach out to us!

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Donations are always very welcome and are an important part of our income. We do accept cheques and BACS payments or if you are able to set up a regular payment click the button below.

One beneficiary of your donations is the Nicola Boswell Memorial Fund which we set up, with the consent of the family, following the passing of Nicky who was one of our popular volunteer counsellors. The purpose of the Memorial Fund is to offer a financial contribution to individual CDI volunteers & staff members and to members of the Croydon community who are seeking educational opportunities, courses, trainings and support for entrepreneurial business opportunities that will significantly assist their personal and/or professional development and aspirations.

Our commitment is to ensure this fund is targeted specifically to address some of the historical discrimination and ongoing imbalances in opportunity for the local BME community and a minimum of 70% of funds is distributed towards this community per annum.

For an application form and further details please click here and download our application form here.

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If you are interested in our charity or in any of our individual services and can help us out with marketing, offering in-kind advice/support or sponsoring us in any shape or form then please talk to us! 

We have worked with private sector organisations who have sponsored us as their Charity of the Year and who have helped us fundraise and with our visibility. 

Croydon Community Lottery

Support Croydon Drop In by playing Croydon Community Lottery.  This is an exciting weekly lottery that raises money for good causes in Croydon. All good causes supported by the lottery will benefit Croydon and its residents.

Play the lottery, support Croydon – it’s that simple!

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