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Meet the team

Gordon Knott


Nicola Newman

Deputy CEO

Angela Ben-Arie

Learning & Development Manager

Clinton Waller

Outreach Services Manager

Sonia Garnett

Deputy Outreach Manager

Tim Richards

Systemic Family Practitioner/MHST Service Manager

Barbara Allen

MHST Team Leader/Community Counsellor

Juliet Lecointe

PAIRS Manager

Jacqui Henry

Advice, Rights & Advocacy Manager

Rhona Kenny

Safeguarding and Supervision Lead

John Hylton

Therapeutic Services Manager

“CDI is an amazing organisation to work for. The workforce is as diverse as it is talented, bonded by a commitment to listen to the children young people and families in Croydon and provide meaningful support to inspire self – empowerment, solution finding and fulfilment.”

CDI Team Member

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Our staff’s shared values

Committed. Supportive. Community. Empathic. Motivated. Dedicated. Diverse. Genuine. Caring. Passionate. Creative. Courageous. Inclusive. Advocates. Adaptable. Collaborative. Versatile. Trusted. Vulnerable. Different. Multi-faceted.