Outreach Health Education

The Outreach Team at CDI are able to deliver health education, information and advice sessions supporting young people and parents in obtaining up to date information that is essential to their everyday decision making processes.

The CDI Outreach Health Education OHE, takes place primarily in schools and colleges and public venues, however we are contracted to deliver small group work in Pupil Referral Units (PRUs),  for Looked after Children (LAC) and other youth projects. For full details please go to our Outreach leaflet

Many young people are unaware of the services that are available to them for information, advice, guidance or counselling and some may not consider approaching a service for help or advice, so why not go to young people!  

We recognise that the transitional period from childhood to adulthood is a particularly challenging time and we aim to provide information and support to enable young people to have a space to talk through their issues and find ways of resolving them by accessing free and confidential advice.  We believe we can meet specific needs by providing:

  • Information - the knowledge and skill that will enable people to make informed choices about their lives.

  • Empowerment - the ability to understand, seek out and access appropriate services

  • Support and Advice - In a friendly, non-threatening environment

Health Event Days

Health days are delivered through a significant school event that will take in a particular school year.  This is a fun way to impart informal health and wellbeing education and is delivered through a 'market place' format.  Stall holders (representatives from youth agencies) provide information about their individual services and how to go about gaining access to their provision.  Further information on holding one of these events can be obtained by contacting the Outreach Team Manager.

Youth Participation Groups

Youth participation has been an extremely important part of our agency's ethos for many years. We have worked with many young people through Youth Participation and they have all provided us with vital feedback on all areas of our provision.

Young people are encouraged to become involved in our governance as well as all selection and recruitment processes and to be enabled to undertake these roles they first have to have undertaken several training events.

We currently have two youth participation groups, these young people are recruited from within the service and from those who have accessed our training programmes. Great consideration is given to age appropriateness and we ensure that 12 year olds are not part of a group who may be 18+.   

We are currently delivering an exciting programme called Changing Sport Changing Lives and more information about this can be viewed at our events page.



Talkbus is our mobile information centre which travels around the borough visiting high streets, neighbourhoods, schools, colleges, community groups, youth centres and community events, offering young people the chance to get information or to discuss topics of interest.

See our Commissioned Services section for information how to book a specific Outreach Health Education or talkbus session.

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Special thanks to Children in Need who have funded our work

Special thanks to Children in Need who have funded our work