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National Programme


As part of a whole range of charities and statutory services working towards the national i-Thrive model, we have committed to:

We Offer Advice

Is the starting point for all our services and we talk with pre-birth parents, children, young people, parents, carers, families and professionals. You can phone, text, email or send us a message via our website where we have information about who we are.

Most of our contact is face to face at any one of our three locations and our Talkbus is out & about every week at various locations across the Borough.

We Can Offer Help

You Talk We Listen’ is our guiding statement and we will work hard to hear what is going on for you and to understand what kind of help you are looking for. In schools, community settings and at our own locations we offer free Advice & Advocacy, Counselling, Emotional Well-Being support, Keyworkers and our Outreach service.

We offer webinars, group work, a Parent & Carer helpline and an opportunity to join our Young People’s Team. Check out our website for full details of all our services.

We Offer More Help

We understand the strength of good quality relationships so we focus on building a connection that you can trust to help build your self-confidence to get things back on track, enabling you to make positive changes.

Our specialist advice and support services (such as systemic family practice) are very proactive to help get things happening as well as offering you the time and space you may need to take a step back from the stresses of daily life to try and figure things out.

We Offer Risk Support

We have been working with the community since 1978 so if we can’t help you then we will know someone who can. We work closely with schools, Social Care & CAMHS and understand that sometimes you may need a more specialist service in response to what’s happening for you.

We will stick with you to find out what that may be and where it can be found.

Our commitment:

  • We will share as much information we have with you to help you and not hold back
  • We will discuss different options with you
  • We will help you to make healthy choices based on what you tell us not what we think you should do
  • We will listen to you and respect your views
  • If you want us to we will share information with those around you who are also supporting you
  • If you choose to do something we will stick with you to encourage you along the way during the downs as well as the ups

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