Make Over Day

If you asked us last week, we would have said "although our rooms are tired, we just havn't got the money to invest in redecorating", but it only takes a phone call and some good will and that can all change.

Stefanie at Grove Construction (London) Ltd called last week to say that Grove are looking to give something back to the community and are there any jobs needing doing at CDI? Little did she know that we have had materials donated over the last year but not the people power to get all the DIY jobs completed that we would love to have done and give CDI a little refresh.

Before we knew it, Grove had come and visited CDI and scheduled in the work to start, they agreed to redecorate our reception room, kitchenette and one of our upstairs offices. How exciting.

So today the work has started and it may be a bit chaotic but we are so grateful to Grove for choosing CDI to support in this way. We love our building and so do our young people but everyone needs a bit of pampering once in a while and our reception room definitely deserves it.

We'll keep you posted!!!