a&a (Advice & Advocacy)

At CDI we use a ‘Human Rights’ based approach in all our advice work. We understand that seeking help is not always easy and we hope we can provide you with the right environment to assist and support you. A number of young people and families who use our services require ongoing, in-depth advocacy and support. Through A&A engagement we are able to provide this. Whilst the emphasis of this work is on housing, welfare benefits and social issues, we recognise that life is not neatly packaged and often a difficulty in one area contributes to, or is caused by, difficulties in another. We do our best to address these other needs as much as we can. Please see our A&A leaflet for more details.

Brilliant staff who don’t judge and all have time for you. It’s like a safe haven there.
— YP

PIP UK (Parent Infant Partnership)

PIP is a new initiative for CDI.  This programme is in partnership with PIP UK and the Local Authority’s Best Start Programme which will be rolled out in April 2016. Watch this space for further information.